Gold Medalists

Gold Medalists

(Fiscal year)

Prof. Carolyn R. Bertozzi (Stanford University, USA)

(i) Therapeutic opportunities in glycoscience
(ii) Targeted degradation of extracellular proteins with lysosome targeting chimeras (LYTACs)


Prof. David W. C. MacMillan (Princeton University, USA)

(i) Becoming a chemist and organocatalysis
(ii) Photoredox catalysis, fundamentals and early discoveries
(iii) Metallophotoredox and bioconjugation


Prof. E. W. “Bert” Meijer (Eindhoven University of Technology, Nederland)

(i) From Groningen to Eindhoven – a personal journey
(ii) The non-covalent synthesis of functional supramolecular systems
(iii) The amplification of supramolecular chirality


Prof. Stephen Buchwald (Massachusettes Institute of Technology, USA)

(i) Palladium-Catalyzed Carbon-Heteroatom Bond-Forming Reactions
(ii) Cu-Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrofunctionalization Processes in Organic Synthesis


Prof. Stuart Schreiber (Broad Institute and Harvard University, USA)

(i) Chemistry towards novel mechanism-of-action (nMoA) compounds in therapeutics discovery
(ii) Chemistry and human biology towards cancer therapeutics discovery


Prof. John F. Hartwig (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

(i) Regioselective Functionalization of Alkyl and Aryl C-H Bonds
(ii) Fluoroalkylation and Fluorination

2013Ben L. Feringa

Prof. Ben L. Feringa (University of Groningen, Nederland)

(i) Exploring Chiral Space in Asymmetric Catalysis
(ii) Dynamic Molecular Systems, from switches to motors


Prof. Paul Knochel (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Germany)

(i) Lewis Acid Triggered Reactions of Organometallics
(ii) Recent Advances in Cross-Couplings


Prof. Eric N. Jacobsen (Harvard University, USA)

(i) The Hydrolytic Kinetic Resolution Reaction
(ii) Asymmetric Catalysis with Chiral Hydrogen-Bond Donors


Prof. Jean M. J. Fréchet (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

(i) Designing Macromolecules for Chemo- and Immumo-therapy
(ii) Functional Macromolecules from Catalysis to Organic Electronics


Prof. Barry M. Trost (Stanford University, USA)

(i) Self Assembly of Dinuclear Main Group Catalysts for Asymmetric Synthesis
(ii) Cycloadditions via TMM-Pd Intermediates: New Strategies for Total Synthesis and Asymmetric Induction


Prof. Larry E. Overman (University of California, Irvine, USA)

(i) Intramolecular Heck Reaction in Natural Products Total Synthesis
(ii) Recent Studies in Asymmetric Synthesis


Prof. Steven V. Ley (University of Cambridge, UK)

(i) Natural Product Synthesis: A Stimulus for Discovery
(ii) New Tools for Molecule Makers


Prof. Koji Nakanishi (Columbia University, USA)

(i) Ginkgolides and Biolobalide
(ii) Bioorganic Studies on Age-Related Macular Degeneration


Prof. J. Fraser Stoddart (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)

The Nature of Mechanical Bond


Prof. David A. Evans (Harvard University, USA)

(i) Molecular Complexity: Studies in Natural Products Synthesis
(ii) Molecular Complexity: Studies in Asymmetric Catalysis


Prof. Dieter Seebach (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

(i) From Tartaric Acid to TADDOL and Other Diphenylmethanol
Derivatives for Enantioselective Syntheses and Beyond
(ii) From Poly(β-hydroxybutyrates) (PHB) to β-Peptides
Consisting of Homologated Proteinogenic Amino Acids -Chemical and Biological Investigations into a New World


Prof. Kyriacos C. Nicolaou (The Scripps Research Institute, USA)

(i) Total Synthesis in Perspective
(ii) The CP-Molecule Synthetic Labyrinth


Prof. Manfred T. Reetz (Max-Planck-Institute, Germany)

(i) New Concepts in the Area of Asymmetric Catalysis
(ii) Evolution in the Test Tube as a Means to Create Enantioselective Enzymes


Prof. Samuel J. Danishefsky (Columbia University, USA)

(i) On the Power of Chemical Synthesis
(ii) The Prospects for a Fully Synthetic Anti-Cancer Vaccine


Prof. Henri B. Kagan (University of Paris-Sud, France)

Asymmetric Synthesis –Past, Present and Future


Prof. Robert H. Grubbs (California Institute of Technology, USA)

Synthesis of Materials and Molecules Using Ruthenium Metathesis Catalysts


Prof. W. Clark Still (Columbia University, USA)

Synthetic Receptors for Peptides


Prof. Yoshito Kishi (Harvard University, USA)

Natural Product Synthesis

Special Awards

(Fiscal year)

Professor Dr. Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol

Recent Investigation of Cytotoxic Natural Products from Thai Plants