Personal Information Protection Policy

Handling of Personal Information

MSD Life Science Foundation and its officers and employees comply strictly with all relevant laws and regulations and the guidelines of the administrative agency. To ensure compliance, MSD Life Science Foundation has stipulated the following basic policies:

  1. Personal information shall be obtained in accordance with applicable law, and efforts shall be made to ensure that the content of personal information is accurate and up-to-date.
  2. The use of personal information shall not exceed its intended purposes. Also, personal information shall not be provided or disclosed to third parties in the absence of the individual's consent without good cause such as a duty to disclose pursuant to applicable law.
  3. Thorough training and education of all officers and employees shall be conducted to prevent leaks and improper use of personal information. Also, personnel responsible for management and inspections shall be appointed and suitable management structures shall be created. Programs related to the protection of personal information such as management structures shall be reviewed in a manner that is appropriate with the aim of making continuous improvements.
  4. If personal information is handled by outside contractors, subcontractors shall be supervised under MSD Life Science Foundation's responsibility to ensure the protection of personal information.
  5. Disclosure, amendment and termination of use of personal information shall be performed in accordance with applicable law upon request of the individual concerned.