Chemist Award BCA and Lectureship Award MBLA

The purpose of these awards is to encourage originality in young researchers and to develop top talents in the area of organic synthetic chemistry in Japan. The awards are given to researchers under forty years of age who have achieved outstanding results and who have the potential to further develop their research work.

Lectureship Award MBLA (one person/year)

The award ceremony is held at the Banyu Symposium and the winner delivers an award lecture in addition to taking part in a lecture tour of overseas research institutes.

Chemist Award BCA (several people/year)

BCA/MBLA Prizes and commemorative gifts are given to award winners.


MBLA Lecture Tour

“MBLA 2017”
-Schedule for Lecture Tour of Dr. Naoya Kumagai-

The Lecture Tour of Dr. Naoya Kumagai (Chief Researcher, Institute of Microbial Chemistry) was conducted from October 6th to October 26th, 2018.

(Univ./Res. Institutes) (Host)
10/8 ① Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (München) Dr. Paul Knochel
10/10 ② Max-Planck-Institute (Düsseldorf) Dr. Benjamin List
10/12 ③ ETH (Zürich) Dr. Erick Carreira
10/16 ④ Merck Dr. Campos Kevin
10/18 ⑤ MIT Dr. Rick L. Danheiser
10/19 ⑥ Harvard Univ. Dr. Eric Jacobsen
10/22 ⑦ Caltech Dr. Gregory C. Fu
10/23 ⑧ Univ. of California Berkeley Dr. Dean Toste
10/24 ⑨ Stanford Univ. Dr. Barry M. Trost