MSD Supports Basic Research through the Symposiums

MSD Life Science Foundation promotes scientific research by holding symposiums in organic synthetic chemistry which is indispensable for drug discovery. Major targets of the symposiums are young researchers in doctoral programs. The purpose of the symposiums is to contribute to the advancement of organic synthetic chemistry in Japan and to develop the potential future scientific leaders by providing opportunities to prominent researches to present their latest research and to hold proactive discussions with them. Annually, over 1,600 people participate in the symposiums held in four cities, Fukuoka, Sendai, Sapporo and Nagoya.

The Otsu Conference was launched in 2010. Young researchers in doctoral or postdoctoral programs are selected from all over Japan to participate in this program. They present their research results, conduct Q&A sessions in English, and learn research philosophy from the committee members. This unique conference is designed to develop scientific leadership skills in the subject-matter expertise, broad perspective and global community. The program concept is to deliver quality lectures by top-level researchers and communicate information to young researchers. In order to develop young researchers who will be leaders in the organic synthetic chemistry area in the future, we have planned programs that stimulate their intellectual curiosity. The symposiums are contributing significantly to the advancement of chemistry.

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