Organic Chemistry

For over 30 years since 1989 MSD Life Science Foundation, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation has supported the Banyu Symposiums held annually (in Sapporo, Sendai, Fukuoka and Nagoya) with the goal of maintaining and developing Japan’s international competitiveness in organic chemistry field. Through the symposiums a number of young researchers, the main target of the symposiums, have discovered the depth, breadth and unlimited possibilities of organic chemistry by learning about cutting-edge research. These researchers have developed into excellent human resources.
In addition, through the Otsu Conference, which cultivates elite organic chemical researchers with broad perspectives, and through various awards (Lectureship Award MBLA/Chemist Award BCA for young researchers under the age of 40, the Nagoya Silver Medal for superior Japanese researchers, and the Nagoya Gold Medal for researchers who have achieved international recognition) the foundation has worked to develop human resources in the organic chemistry field.

Moreover, KYOTO Rising-Star Lectureship Award starts from 2020 as an additional program to support to educate and encourage young researchers.

Symposium - organic synthetic chemistry-

  • Banyu Sapporo Symposium
  • Banyu Sendai Symposium
  • Banyu Fukuoka Symposium
  • Nagoya Medal Seminar
  • Otsu Conference


KYOTO Rising-Star